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Advanced 2D and 3D Imaging

An important component of Dr. Reichard’s initial assessment and treatment plan is the supporting imagery. Dr. Reichard uses advanced 2D x-ray and 3D digital scanning technology to clearly and accurately assess each patient’s orthodontic situation.

Meet Our Low Radiation Open X-ray

Stand-up, open-air 2D x-ray machine

Our 2D x-ray machine delivers high-resolution images while minimizing radiation exposure. It’s a spacious, open experience that is also handicap accessible and wheelchair friendly.

Advanced 3D Imaging for Invisalign and Clear Aligners

iTero 3D scanning system

Patients who are candidates for Invisalign or clear aligner treatment will utilize our state-of-the-art iTero machine. The iTero allows us to quickly capture an accurate 3-dimensional image of your teeth. Once your smile is scanned, the advanced software maps out how each tooth needing movement will shift during treatment. As a really fun cap to the experience, Dr. Reichard can show a preview of what your future smile will look like.